LAURIERS are an indie rock band based in Edmonton, Alberta.
Bailey Audrey Stefan – vocals, keys, guitar
Jordan Bezovie – guitar, keys, vocals
Christian Ford – bass, guitar, banjo, vocals
Jason Miller – drums, vocals
“LAURIERS began one foggy pre-noon on Lost Sock Memorial Day 2018 as Jason Miller, a gnome guard, woke from his deep slumber in a cold sweat. In his sleep, a young wizard, known now as Christian Ford, came to him telling young Jason that he must go to the four corners of the earth and create a band so mediocre and so uninteresting that they would immediately be forgotten as soon as they left the stage. Jason jumped up from his bed and ran out to the streets and let out a mighty bawk, hoping that somehow, someone would hear him…. To read more head over to the LAURIERS Facebook Page