Yeg Card

The Yeg Card is available to any band that is signed with Yeg Music. The main purpose of the Yeg Card is to give our artists trusted service providers at affordable rates. All our Yeg Card Affiliates do amazing work and can help make your vision a reality.

Please reach out to Sabrina at for a warm introduction in order to take advantage of the amazing services available to Yeg Music Members.

If you’re a business who is interested in being a Yeg Card Affiliate, Sabrina would love to hear from you as well!

“The Yeg card is very beneficial to any musician, either someone that’s just getting into the music community or has been at it for a few years. SHAG was able to utilize the card to meet lots of people working in the Edmonton music scene that we would have not met without the card, including recording studios, photographers, promoters and most importantly, other local musicians. Also, the management aspect of the card has been invaluable to us, as it is great to have someone outside of the band members that we can bounce ideas off of and help guide the direction of the band.”


Venue Partners

  • Yeg Music is incredibly proud to have the following venue partners:
  • The Blue Corner
  • Arcadia
  • Café Blackbird
  • SoundLab Studios
  • The Aviary
  • Mercers Tavern